After the savage fight between the Tundra Walkers and the vicious ‘demon’ plaguing the Ice Wolf Horde, our two heroes, Cora Sleet and Brom Bumblebrim make some new, albeit, dubious friends; Seressa Wraiven (an anthropologist) and Arcantonic Palecorg (an archeologist).

During their final days in search of the Eldars, Seressa finally manages to ‘crack’ the meanings in the ancient, runic tablets that she and her pair had been digging for the past seven months.

The runic tablets reveal an unexpected communique from an elder of the strange Star Watchers village..

Hence, the newly expanded Tundra Watchers start their cold trek to find the old mystics who watch the stars for signs and portents from the past, the future, and sometimes even about their neighbors..

This story takes place about a week after
A Shift in Perspective ..

..give or take a day or three!



Wow, this place is a tad chilly, wouldn’t you say?”, the very tall, very dark Seressa Wraiven said as she blatantly floundered about in the hip-deep snow in her laced, pink mini dress that looked more like a skimpy, filmy nightgown than a dress, really.

A mumble of agreement came from somewhere behind her that almost got lost in the shrieking wind. Seeing as how the snow was hip-deep for the towering girl in pinks, this pretty much meant total loss of sunlight for the drudging halfling..


His head was certainly lost under the arctic snow.


“Aww, aren’t you a darling, Brom!”, Seressa cuted out as she stared down at the only part of the halfling she could see; the bushy head that looked more like a hedgehog shuffling in the white, looking for berries..


..or something!


“Yea.. I bet he is..”, scowled the red rashed little gnome girl from behind the halfling.

“Oi! Hobbit! Eyes front!”, she barked.

“My eyes ARE front..”, mumbled Brom the hobbit. “AND very much CENTER, thank you very much!”, he said indignantly while his teeth shattered in a frustrated shiver. “I am trying to finish my new song on the Ice Wolf Horde and the events that happened there..”

“Yea.. I bet you are..”, Arcantonic Palecorg growled again.

“What is the matter with you, girl? Have I done you wrong in some past life, that I am not aware of? Is that why you are constantly chewing me out?!”, asked Brom with an exasperated voice.

“Has anyone got a cloak, perhaps?”, Seressa jarred in. “I could really use a cloak. I can’t feel my butt!”

“I am surprised they haven’t shattered and powdered off in the wind, the way you go floundering around..”, scoffed the gnome.

“There, there now Tonic. Let’s not get snippy. It wasn’t really my fault we got into this mess.”, the very tall, very dark figure said.

“Yes. It was! You just couldn’t stand still, could you? You just HAD to fiddle with those bloody tablets.”, said Arcantonic acidly.

“You are using mixed terminology again, luv! You can’t really fiddle with stone tablets as they have no buttons, knobs, arms or levers..”


“..but then, yes, perhaps I should not have read them out loud, the way I did.”, added Seressa hastily.

“But, hey! If I hadn’t, we’d still be sitting in that cave for Goodness knows how long.. Because I did, we are finally on the move once more.. Cheer up, girl, we are going on an adventure!”, she said with a happy whoop.

Arcantonic spluttered something in blistering incomprehension!

“You three are making enough noise for an avalanche.”, came a soft, somewhat throaty voice from ahead and a fourth person quietly approached the bickering three.

She had a slim, shapely figure that breached the upper end of average. Her hair was white as the snow all around them, a whiteness by quality rather than age and she seemed to skim, rather than walk on the hip-deep snow.. She certainly was a study in contrast with the very tall, very dark tiefling in a laced, pink, skimpy dress, for her skin was nearly as pale as her sleet hair.

There were elegant, deep blue tattoos marking her face, her neck, and arms. The rest of her was hidden deep under thick hide and fur. She seemed to move with the grace of a cat on the hunt; very much untamed and..


And if that didn’t give her the appearance of a savage, her glacial blue eyes certainly did.

The one other thing that was very distinct about her was; Cora Sleet had a beautiful, dark, snowberry red mouth that seemed to scowl slightly.. or pout.

It was surprising how that one, single touch of detail could so devastatingly change the appearance of a face!


“What’s the fuss?”, she asked cooly.

“No fuss. Just chilly.. a bit.”, Seressa chirped!

Cora Sleet gazed at the very tall, very dark girl who stood out like a marked black blot in the snow.

A marked black blot in pinks!..

CAN something get any sillier than that?’, she wondered.

Cora was never the kind of girl that used words like ‘silly’, ‘foolish’ or.. ‘giddy’.

Such soft words would never survive the savage colds of the Great Northern Tundras.

But pink on black in white..?

Nothing else seemed satisfactorily define this very tall, very dark figure standing before her, other than ‘silly’.

She shrugged – mentally.

Everyone was different and civilizations rose from such differences, as her father used to say whenever she tried to be like everyone else, back in Ironfrost.

But her father was gone. And her mom. All her friends and her people, along with her beautiful village..


..were all gone.


In her mind, Cora shrugged again. But this time, the shrug was less convincing.. A bit like forced cheer.

She was never sure if she had ever believed in destiny. But the events that led her here, to have met these strange, very much non-barbaric people, sounded too much like providence than coincidence.

Even for a girl as brutally practical as Cora Sleet.

To that dubious end, she undid the leather cords holding her heavy fur cloak and tossed it at the dark figure in pinks..

..and the howling arctic winds thought this was just about the right time for a good sneeze and haled the cloak.. and Cora’s cool away!

“Well..”, Seressa said. “..wasn’t that just awkward!”

Cora just stood there.

She squinted at the flaking skies and said, “Really?”

“No worries, no worries, I’ll catch it. It’s bound to land eventually..”, she said cheerily and started after the fur cloak, slipped, lost her balance, and promptly toppled over and crashed, face down, into the snow displaying all her curvy glory!

“Oi! Hobbit! Eyes front!”, Arcantonic barked again.

“My eyes ARE front, damit!”


“Well, isn’t that just warm and fuzzy. This fur’s so soft! No wonder the elf likes it so much. I just must get me one of these..”, Seressa said happily.

“Just look at that —NOT YOU HOBBİT!— she’s wearing a cloak that would cover me trice over and she’s still on display..”, scowled the gnome.

“What can I say, Tonic. Every part of me likes their freedom individually!”



✱ ✱ ✱



Alright. Once again. What exactly did the voice say?”, asked Arcantonic. The sun had set and the four of them had huddled around a miserable little fire in a tight crevice that Cora had found. “We don’t want to go after something you misread, misheard or misinterpreted and find out there’s nothing there.”

Seressa Wraiven frowned.

“I AM a miss, but I never misread, misheard, or misinterpreted anything!”, Seressa sniffed. “For all that’s good and not, when have you ever seen me ‘miss’ anything? I have always had a very good memory for such things and you know it!”

“I can name one right now if you like..”, said Arcantonic.

“By all means, girl, name two..”

“ME, for one and this ‘communique’, for two!”, the little gnome smirked —but not really in a fun way.

“Hah!”, deadpanned Seressa, “I GOT you, didn’t I? As for the other, the prophecy said the four of us are to go there, and here we are, GOING THERE! How about that..”

Brom silently ‘Hoo booy’ed at the monumentally crooked logic in that!

“WHAT?!”, both Seressa and Arcantonic said at the same time.

‘Shit!’, thought Brom. ‘I am NOT getting caught between this!’

“Nothing, nothing and unequivocally nothing..”, he said promptly.



✱ ✱ ✱



The simple matter of the fact was, Seressa Wraiven was bored! She’d been stuck in this blasted cave for seven months and all she had done was to dig up these ancient, undecipherable stone tablets, fight off the unrelenting Ice Wolf barbarians, and, by way of distraction, chatted with her pair, who had been just about equally indecipherable.

Seressa was not sure on which account she had failed more miserably.. All she knew was that she had.

The only thing she had been successful was to be able to fend off the savages, which in itself was a failure, from a totally scholarly point of view; she was, after all, an anthropologist, damit!

Well.. that was depressing no matter how she looked at it.

Though she had had a decent talk with her pair the previous week and since then, Tonic’s attitude towards her had..

..changed a little bit?

Now that she’d thought about it, it had, in fact, changed and more than a little bit.

Tonic hadn’t chewed at her, nor burned her since then..

She wasn’t really expecting her pair to come and hug her every once in a while anytime soon, if ever, but even the idea of her not getting burned by Tonic was drug inducing all by itself.

Or maybe she was looking at this from the wrong end of the scope..

Perhaps she’d given up on her and was just ignoring her altogether.

Noooo.., Seressa thought. Whatever her little pair had been, she’d never been THAT cruel to her..

“I mean, it did seem like there had been some slight connection at the end of our conversation, hadn’t there?”

Well, it had been, not quite a monologue, but more like a one-sided dialogue than a conversation..


Perhaps she was imagining things..

..or overthinking it.

..or just bored and was talking to herself now!


It had been two days since her pair had gone with the barbarian girl and the cute, fluffy little hobbit and it had been the first time since her graduation from the academy that she’d actually been alone..

..so alone, even.

“Guess you just suck at what you do, girl..”, she said to herself. “I mean, I been trying to coin-purse my pair for two years now and here comes this total stranger and you were all ok with jumping into HER purse!”

“I suppose this is a good time to say, ‘bugger’..!”

She kicked one of the tablets out of pure, infuriated frustration..

..which turned out to be a rather bad idea, since she had never really gotten around to wearing shoes. Seressa disliked shoes. They were stuffy, constricting and they smelled bad.

Besides, every part of her liked their freedom individually, after all.. But apparently, freedoms came with a high price at times; she ‘ompfh’ed in silent pain as she hopped around, stumbled, tripped, and clutzed all over the ancient tablets..

There was a sharp crack as half a dozen of the tablets just split into large, asymmetric parts!

By the time she came around, the whole issue of ‘pain’ had become a bit moot.

Seven months of digging, seven months of fighting off savages on a daily basis.. all for nothing..


Tonic was so going to kill her!


And out of nowhere..


..and thou shalt cometh to the watch’rs who is’t gazeth the stars.

by thine hands the rememb’r’d shalt beest f’rgotten and the the f’rgotten shalt beest rememb’red,

f’r the future shalt vade if ‘t be true the past hath not been mend’d..


..came a deep, creepy, hollow voice.


“Wha.. what?!”, Seressa baffled as she stared at the broken tablets.

“What?!”, said the creepy, hallow voice..


There was a long moment of silence.


“Hello? Who is this?”, the hollow voice asked.

“Umm.. hello.. who is this?”, asked Seressa for she was truly flabbergasted.

“Who are you? Ow, bugger, I warned them this would happen. I told them over and over that some bloody idiot would eventually stumble over them, but did they listen? Nooo.. There goes my prophecy!”

“Are we talking about a literal stumbling or a metaphorical one?”, asked Seressa a bit shamefully.


There was another moment of silence..


“The fact that you have just asked that question, makes me despair. Have I just wasted a prophecy on a mentally deficient idiot?!”

“That was a bit harsh. What happened to the creepy, hollow voice?”

“That’s for the real Chosen One’s. The real deals.. I don’t perform for idiots!”

“If took me seven months digging up your tablets.. That ought to have earned me some credits..”

“And never wondered WHY someone would have put them there in the first place?”


“Ow, crap! Here come my sisters. Whatever you do, just say ‘I shall’ at the end, in a somber, awed voice..”



“..and thou shalt cometh to the watch’rs who is’t gazeth the stars.—”


“That’ll be four of us..”



Although the pause this time was quite short, there was something quite mordant in it. With a long, wheezing sound of an exasperated sigh, the deep, hollow voice came again;



Ye shalt cede yourself, thy trials and thy family f’r thou hast a new ‘rrand at handeth.

f’reseen wast the chosen ensemble ‘mongst many, liketh the speck on snoweth

..and four shalt cometh to the watch’rs who is’t gazeth the stars.

by thine hands the rememb’r’d shalt beest f’rgotten and the the f’rgotten shalt beest rememb’red,

f’r the future shalt vade if ‘t be true the past hath not been mend’d..




✱ ✱ ✱



Well, as I said, it was all in this hallow, creepy voice.” Seressa Wraiven said. “Never been that funked in my life. Then a ghostly hand beckoned and told me we MUST go to these, uhh, Star Watcher people, for further instructions.. That we were prophesied to change the course of history..

Arcantonic frowned.

“Last time you said there was some gnomic prince involved!”

“Did I? Well, if there is a pretty gnomic girl, stands to reason there ought to be a pretty gnomic prince, now shouldn’t there?”

Brom ‘Hoo booy’ed again!

Arcantonic frowned some more..


“Well, I am off to sleep. Can’t keep my eyes open any longer and we have a long trek ahead of us..”

..and with that hasty conclusion, the very tall, very dark Seressa curled up into a ball and promptly fell asleep.


“Oi! Hobbit! Eyes front!”, hissed the gnome.






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  1. Alright, this ended up being a bit more on the comedy side than I had originally intended, but as it turns out, it suited the characters involved better than a more somber setting.

    We all have our good sides and we have our silly, foolish and even giddy sides..

    Seressa Wraiven is a uniquely astute girl when it comes to noticing and understanding certain aspects of sentient nature. She is, also a clutz at times. In reality, she really does not like confrontations. Social ones with her friends in particular. Hence she does not really mind using herself as the focus of distraction to avoid them.

    Brom is an easy-go character, but Cora is not. And neither is Arcantonic.

    This will be an interesting party, loaded with potential for high comedy and dps but low tolerance for actually soaking both physical and emotional damage and option for heals.

    I detest classic party settings; tank taking point, rogue at the side, healer and caster at the center and archer at the back.

    Makes my palms itch just to land a fireball right in the middle of it!

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