Nearly two weeks have passed over the Serenity Home attack and the subsequent fire. The group has been tracking down the fugitives responsible for both heading north through the Ritual Forest. On their way, they meet the strange, silent, and somewhat catatonic girl, Inshala ‘la Fey’ Frostmane.

This story takes place shortly after the strange girl has started sharing the same campfire with the rest of the group.



When the ranger girls prepare the camp one evening after another treacherous day’s pursuit, Inshala watches them from behind some nearby bushes with a sad, longing gaze.

She silently sneaks up at Aager, the sinister-looking man in dark clothes, and whispers at him; “You are not a good man!”

Although she shows distant, reproachful respect to the she-dwarf, Lady Magella, she stays as far away from the well-build paladin girl, Moira, and watches her with fear-riddled eyes as though she expects to be purged by her at any time.

She shows absolutely no interest whatsoever to the large, burly young man, Udoorin, and looks down at the little gnome, Gnine, with a pinched expression. She does not get anywhere near him, nor does she speak to him or touch him.

On another such camp, she sort of tethers up to the two ranger cousins, and with extreme bash, she tries a very poor attempt of a conversation, after which she tells Laila, “You are wearing your shirt wrong.” while pointing at a rip on the shirt she must have attained during one of their skirmishes..

..and mends it, on the spot, using a delicate little spell!

Two days later, she skirts near Bremorel, the other ranger girl, and points at a tear on her leather pants and says, “You are wearing your pants wrong!”..

..and mends that as well.

Later the next evening, she slinks up to Aager and harshly whispers into his ear while pointing at a gash on his pants;

“You are wearing your pants wrong, too.”

And adds with a hiss..

“But you deserve it!”



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