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A Soul for A Soul


Everything changed for her the day Xyrotwu stumbled into to light, while she sought for creatures of the dark..

Merisoul “Soul” Xyrotwu came the ruins of the dead Temple of Thelmasar seeking power and possibly some evil minions.

She came to the ruins as a necromancer in hopes of finding long forgotten treasures and perhaps brave something more and take a shortcut to greater power.

Indeed she did stumble upon some greater power, just not what she was looking for; after fighting her way through multiple foes, among the few gems and trinkets, she found an old dented locket. After a quick inspection, she discovered that the trinket housed something in it.

Hoping to release whatever “nasty enough” demon to bargain for power, she unwittingly released an ancient celestial being trapped inside the locket.

Stuck inside a cursed trinket for centuries, burning with a towering rage and seeing the evil little devil, the being did what anyone under the circumstances would do – it immediately attacked.

Following a very short and vicious fight, the being asked the beaten and bleeding little necromantress if she had any last wish before he slew her.

Broken and dying, she wished;

“A bargain..!”

The encounter and the ensuing bargain inevitably turned her whole life around.

She was “cleansed” from a greedy and power hungry little necromancer to a celestial warlock (a dubious exchange) but the ancient being thought that was probably the best he would get.

Her chaotic nature did not diminish, but at least her evil nature was turned to good, making the great celestial grunt; “Good ‘nuf” and leave..

Soul is now stuck and struggling in her new career and morals as a questionable healer, spreading good with horns and dark wings..

It hasn’t been too long since she was turned, hence, she is still very much confused and is vague on the whole “good guy” thing. She tries to act nice and kind but she neither truly knows nor understands what they mean, beyond the most abstract sense of the words.

Merisoul is also betrothed to a Demon Lord known as Kardax’Trakxa The Face. Her plan and arrangement was, she would become strong and evil enough to be admitted into the higher ranks of demons and become a member of a select group of very powerful succubi and erinyes’ trained to be sent back to earth to wreck havoc and sow discord and dissension amongst mankind -a prelude to conquer- while otherwise not entertaining his master.

Unbeknownst to the Celestial being she is now bound to, this plan of hers, inadvertently, has also fallen apart due to her current predicament. Now she truly is in a fix where she knows not what “good” is, she can’t go to her master and will probably be hunted down and slain if her new alignment is ever discovered by any fiend or demon who sees her and reports back to her master. Keeping her silence and hiding isn’t really an option for her either because Kardax’Trakxa The Face is never one to let go of what is his.. She knows her time is relatively limited.

The fact that she is hunted bothers her less than the emotional devastation she suffers from the knowledge that the gates of hell have, forever been denied to her — she REALLY wanted to upgrade to a succubus!

Merisoul has dark feathered wings, a unique kind of Tiefling ancestry. She can hide them most of the time, but they will appear if she is knocked unconscious. She can not fly with her wings yet, but she can sort of glide down, provided she has at least a 20 feet drop. At the moment, her gliding is not all that controlled; she is able to sort of float down in a straight line or spiral down as slow as 10 feet speed, if she has enough room to maneuver. Otherwise, she will only have advantage against any fall damage. Given enough time, however, it is possible she can learn to make better use of her wings and hope to be able to fly.

Soul has a slim, petite figure with dark eyes and honey brown hair with an unearthly beautiful face. She is easily bored, making her a bad choice as a watch during resting hours as she will often wonder around and eventually open unexplored doors to see what’s behind it. She is extremely intelligent but not very responsible at times due to her instinctive nature. She is very perspective and intuitive about many aspects of human behaviors, emotions and psychology but rather childlike in many other things. As much as she wants (or wanted) power, she doesn’t really like blood and gore. When she fights, she will dismantle her opponents in a methodical and unemotional manner, making her appear slightly psychopathic, from a human perspective..

Merisoul has a very long and irregular name given to her when she was born by her mother who was the victim of a demonic summoning.

She knew her daughter would eventually face the afflictions of her origins and desperately wanted her to never be a slave to any man or demon by giving her such a name so that no being would ever know them all and hence, ever compel her to do their bidding nor force her to do anything against her own will.

Merisoul Xyrotwu’s full name: