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The Beauty and The Beast


Constantly using disguises, Inshala “la fey” Frostmane appears as a Half-elf. She will do anything to keep this appearance which has become her identity. She is deeply ashamed of her Tiefling heritage in which she believes is a curse that she can’t get rid off and has made her hate anything to do with devils and demons.

Through kindness, compassion and a lot patience, her deceased master tried very hard to change her mind about what she was, was not a curse and that it certainly wasn’t her fault. His kindness, compassion and a bit of his patience took, but her self loathing stuck.
She was truly committed to her master, and loved the old man with a mindless passion, hence his murder has deeply affected and somewhat unhinged her. Considering it was her kind master who found her abandoned in the forest as an infant and brought her up, fed her, clothed her, tutored her and protected her in the first place, his death has pushed her to the edge of insanity..
Left alone in a world she fears and without anyone to look up to, she is frightened and will lash at anyone or anything she even thinks might pose a danger.
She will do extreme violence upon those she believes to be responsible for the death of her old mentor. She will use all her considerable intelligence and cunning to scheme and plan to get her vengeance, unknowingly and probably, pulling from her demon side..
She has honed her disguise as a Half-elf so much so that she believes herself to be one most of the time and literally forgets who or what she really is. She has made herself believe in this so much for so long that she got herself the nick name; “la fey”, which she carries with child like pride. Hence, she becomes very irritated or unstable when she’s reminded of or somehow remembers what she truly is.
Under extreme stress or upon losing consciousness, her real appearance and identity will likely be revealed..
She may appear with the physique and character of a mature young woman, she is, however, only 16!.. Her mature physique is simple genes and her mature appearance is mostly copy-cating the behaviors of some of the more regal wood elf women that lived in the elf village not too far from where she and her old master lived. Her real age will likely start to show itself when and if she likes or dislikes someone. Or if she finds something extraordinarily cute or beautiful that might appeal to a girl her age who hasn’t had the benefits of living in a community.
She basically has a good and kind character. She doesn’t like evil. She certainly is not neutral when it comes to personal matters and only believes in the neutrality of druids in an abstract, word-for-word sense and thinks she should obey them mostly because of her love and respect for her old master. And because he said she should..
Due to her solitary life, when she likes someone, she can’t relate to her own feelings. She might obsess on someone or something, and suddenly become quite and distant or a bit silly or girly. She will be too shy to say or do anything constructive but either do things that will end up making everyone feel awkward or silently watch that person from the shadows.. in a creepy sort of way.
If she dislikes a person (anyone with non-good alignment, half-orcs, certainly other tieflings and people with similar qualities), she will constantly remind him or her about it in some cryptic way, such as sneaking up the person and whisper into their ear; “you are not a good person”. She won’t pester nor burden the person from doing their job, but she will remind them from time to time what she thinks of them – a bit out of spite and a bit out of obsession.
Due to her somewhat child like nature, she averts complications, hence, her likes and dislikes are simple.
She is quite intelligent and cunning, but not in a social way – more in a predator or feral way.. Due to her upbringing, her hatred to her own heritage and her long years in solitude, she doesn’t really understand mankind’s “laws” and tends to skip them and head straight to the violence if she thinks it’s due.
Although she is a druid of the moon, she will resist changing shape and senselessly cast spells or use her weapons because shape change reminds her of her own duplicity about her identity. She will, however, instantly go feral on anyone she thinks is responsible for the murder of her old mentor.
She is impeccably clean, always smells nice and carries a few blocks of lavender soaps and likes to dress like a “lady” -all dignity and proper. Her hair is always and carefully bunned around her horns to hide them. She pulls up her deep hood whenever she is upset or stressed, fearing her spikes might flash out and reveal themselves.
She loves sweets, honey, cherries and to gnaw meat down to the bones, adores dolls, silks, snowy white doilies,  bright green, lilac and purple. She equally hates magenta, gray and dark blue, filthy people, ragged clothes, uncombed hair and unclipped or unmanicured nails.. She will wash and bathe herself at every opportunity she gets. She will also pester anyone who’s hair or clothes are dirty or messy. She will tell them that they are not wearing their clothes right and go as far as mending (cantrip) them on her own volition.. without bothering to ask!
She will act like some mysterious, regal high lady, somewhat aloof of everyone around her. Which in turn makes her -the sometimes- asocial behaviors look even more out of place and awkward.