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The Blade in the Mist


She always loved the blades, but magic was forced upon her. She found a way to force back -sharply!

Lorna Feymist was the daughter of a powerful high elf wizard and a beautiful human sorceress. Both her parents wished very much that their beloved daughter would, like them, also become a renowned wizard like her father or a sorceress like her mother.

Lorna, however, loved blades.. Elvish craft long swords and elvish made polearms in particular.

She was forced to study magic from an early age against her wishes under some of the best teachers of the arcane arts. Eventually, however, she came to hate magic and just to spite both her parents, she chose to be a warlock, something her father despised and her mother feared. And to add to injury, she chose to be a bladelock!

Now she roams the world seeking her own future..

Lorna is a stubborn, strong willed soul. She is at times a sweet young woman and always loyal to her friends, if not always to the laws of men. She will do anything to protect them, to the point of making further bargains with the mysterious Lords of Shadowfel she’s bound to.

Despite what she feels about her parents, she will not bring anymore shame upon them than she already has by her choice of life. Thus she still wears her family’s insignia ring and will neither tolerate anyone besmirching her, nor her family.

Lorna is well educated, considerate, shy, protective, kind, mature young woman.