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To Be Hooman


Moira Alisia Jean Hooman is the direct descendant of the famed Lord Paladin Delia Karakash Hooman who battled and defeated the ancient dragon Karkass, that plagued the king’s lands for decades.

Moira is well educated in military tactics, social etiquettes, religion, history, art and music. She is well behaved, mature and very perceptive in judging a character. She will refrain from speaking foul or harshly. She will, however, toss a gauntlet and challenge anyone who offers her a deliberate insult.

She is well aware that she has a lot to live up to, but she will not go out of her way to foolishly seek fame. She is a strong believer that fame is folly and fortune can blind. She will never speak out of turn and will follow her companions. She does believe her opinion matters, she just doesn’t like to air them out unless she truly thinks it’s warranted.

She will get out of her armor and wear a dress whenever she can, not because she finds the armor discomforting, but rather she does enjoy being a pretty young lady every once in a while. She follows the strict code of conduct of her order, but she knows she is not a nun and does not act like one.