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Totally Secret Private


Aager Fogstep ve Inshala ‘la Fey’ Frostmane go to battle against the villainous Lord Tarakadahan Karkashi for ‘justice’..

After a very long, painful, trying and murderous combat, the two come out victorious..

This story takes place a few days after;
The Oathbreaker (Part Three)
and a short while after the end of
I, Inshala. I, Belong.



Moira: Wow.. I can’t believe I played the role of ‘the damsel in distress’ in this story.. Way to go, paladin girl!

Lady Alisia: (sigh) You were the damsel in dress, daughter. I literally ended up in the role of the ‘princess that had to be saved from the evil overlord’!

Maira: At least the two of you ‘got’ a role.. I barely spoke two lines.. I feel like, ‘collateral damage’!

Grandmother: (snicker) I got to snicker at the lot of you, and I don’t even need a role to do that..

Madine: You guys suke!

Lady Alisia: Madine! What did we say about that kind of language?

Madine: (sigh) ‘We’, didn’t say anything, mother. ‘You’, said something’s.. a lot of things!

Lady Alisia: And apparently you didn’t listen.

Madine: If I listened to what you all had to say, I couldn’t find the time to breath, mom!

Grandmother: (snicker)

Lady Alisia: (sigh)

Moira: Well. At least there were no Prince Charming’s.. That would have made it a total cliché!

Madine: It WAS a cliché, Moira.. ‘The Beauty and The Beast’, cliché..

Lady Alisia: Madine Hooman! You will NOT refer to your elder sister Inshala as a beast!

Madine: Eh? Whot? No, mom.. She was the awesome beauty, in the cliché!

Lady Alisia: What? Then who is the beast— Ow.. well.. that’s not nice either.. I am sure the boy has his.. good qualities.. Since my Inshala deemed him fit for herself..

Grandmother: (snicker)

Lady Alisia: .. though I can’t imagine what. They are like day and night!

Moira: You mustn’t judge him, mother.

Lady Alisia: Judge him? I am in no position to judge him, dear. I am just trying to understand.. and want the best for my ‘daughter’..

Grandmother: You just want them to wed a.s.a.p..!

Lady Alisia: (tight blush) Well.. gossips are bound to happen. Though they use separate beds, they still sleep in the same room. The girl will not sleep anywhere else. Not even after Moira gave her, her room!

Madine: She does sleep in Moira’s room, mother. Just wakes up in his! (snicker)

Lady Alisia: (sigh) And she is surprised every morning as to how she got there and I am inclined to believe her. She has an uncanny habit of speaking the truth.. At least the boy is head strong. And.. well.. he will not let her get hurt.. in any way!

Moira: No. He will not, mother. The details of his past is unknown to me but as far as I have learned, he did not grow in a friendly neighborhood, and that is putting it extremely politely.. He was born, and in the streets at a very nearly half the age of Cümeyt and was forced to survive Drashan. I can’t imagine anyone to have lived through that and come out of it undented.. When we were camped outside of Themalsar waiting for poor Inshala to recover, he never left her side. He fed her, cleaned her, comforted her, took care of her.. It was creepy! But it was also beautiful as well because when we first met her, she was wild.. feral to be more honest about it. When he carried her out of that tent ten days later, however, it was like she was a whole new person, yet she wasn’t.. What came out was her all along, but it was him that brought that girl out of her.

Grandmother: Tsk, tssk! Poor boy.. Drashan is not a good neighborhood to grow indeed, Alisia. Leave the boy alone.. You have three other daughters. Have one of them wed off to quench your wont!


(sudden, deadly silence!)




Madine: (snicker) —As I was saying.. I was very nearly the side-sick in the story.. Missed it ‘cuz I was listening to ‘Queens of Srÿche” —the new album!

Grandmother: Continue listening to that devil-trash, and you will melt what little brain your have through your ears, girl. You should listen to the classics; Moth Darth or Beetle Hoffen or Jhohan Pah!

Madine: (eye roll) Ok, gramma, I am going to go now and eviscerate my self and then defenestrate off the main tower!



Cümeyt: (giggles from under the table, and whispers) Told you. Stick with me, Fey Sister and you will learn everything you want to know!

Inshala: (blushes, also from under the table) But.. but we are secretly listening into a private conversation, little brother Cümeyt. Is this all together ‘right’?

Cümeyt: No, Fey Sister. This is a secret ‘family’ conversation. And since we are both also family, we can listen to it. Besides, you have the awesome power of ‘NEW’!

Inshala: (confused) New?

Cümeyt: (snicker) Yes. You are new! You can get away with pretty much everything. AND, you also saved my mom and my eldest sister, Moira, and I love them so much, I can’t let you miss ANY of the fun you should have!

Inshala: Ow..

Cümeyt: Yup! And there’s more.

Inshala: Uhhmm..

Cümeyt: Tomorrow, I get to show you another and this one’s a ‘totally-secret-private conversation’..

Inshala: You are scaring me, little brother Cümeyt.

Cümeyt: (giggle) Tomorrow, we get to listen to Madine have a kiss-chat with this new boy friend she’s got! I found out she sent him a love letter (eww!) and the boy replied. Said, he didn’t know what ‘evisceration’ nor ‘defenestration’ meant, but he was fine with the rest.

Inshala: (a bit distressed) I.. don’t know if we should.. I mean— What is a ‘kiss-chat’?

Cümeyt: (smirk) It is a chat that ends with a kiss! Do you have kiss-chats with your boy friend?

Inshala: (furious blush) I.. I am not sure if my Aager is my boyfriend. We.. belong..

Cümeyt: (disappointed) Ow.. that sounds.. a bit boring..

Inshala: (bright smile) I like.



Later that evening..


Inshala: Aager Fogstep?

Aager: I am here.

Inshala: I learned many new social-things today.

Aager: Ow?

Inshala: Yes. And I would very much like to kiss-chat them with you!